Adventures in cooking…

Strange concoctions

Living during the Covid pandemic is stressful, lets face it. No one likes it and we all have to find ways to get though it. For example, I ran out of butter and didn’t want to drive the 15 minutes to the supermarket to buy just butter. So I decided to improvise. We had some […]

Pizza first try

I used commercial yeast in a box and the recipe on the back of the packet for this. I may have used water that was a bit too hot, but “warm” is not a temperature. I used oil like the recipe said, but I think I used too much because it made strange oil lumps […]

Baking bread for the first time

I admit, I have tried to make bread in the past , but it failed. It always was burnt or like a rock and crumbly inside. I borrowed a book from the library (yeah its open now) and found a recipe I liked. This bread was easy to make and turned out okay. It was […]

Seafood salad first try

I don’t know if I can really call this seafood salad since I’m not sure what the crab stick are made from (not real crab), but I found them in a frozen bag at Woolies so thought I would try it. We already had celery and mayonnaise, so I chopped the ingredients and put them […]

Another pork roast.

I thought I was done with cooking pork, but my partner pulled me back in. I prepared this in the usual way and it turned out okay, but I still do not like the taste of pork. I even added apple sauce, but pork has a strange taste. I’m also not a fan of the […]

Making cheesecake for the first time with box mix

This was another box mix from Greens. I think this is my last one. I’m glad they’re all gone and I don’t plan to buy anymore. I haven’t made cheesecake before and I wanted to wait till I could buy a new spring form pan, but my partner wanted me to make it so I […]

Baking raspberry slice for the first time from a box

This is another box mix from Greens. I hadn’t made a slice before and wanted to make something since winter is so cold here. It had a few steps to follow so was a bit complicated, but I was glad I made it. That was until I tasted it and discovered it had dry coconut, […]

Roasting sweet potato for the first time

This isn’t really a recipe, I just put the sweet potato in my new stoneware dish by Jamie Oliver, stabbed it a few times, poured a bit of olive oil over top and put it in a preheated oven. I think I over cooked it buy waiting an hour, but it was good. soft and […]

Roast chicken with stuffing

This is the second chicken I had roasted and my partner wanted stuffing so thought I would try to make some. As usual, I looked up videos and recipes and came up with my own. 2 Tbsp bread crumbs 1 Tbsp dry parsley, 1 Tbsp Italian herbs, Pink Himalayan salt Olive oil Stuffing the chicken […]

Another pork roast

I’ve forgotten how many I’ve made now, I think I’m up to four. This time I followed the instructions, mostly. I forgot to wipe the meat before cutting and adding salt and oil, but it turned out okay. I timed it correctly because this roast was over 2 kilos, so I know that it’s 30 […]


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