Adventures in cooking…

Christmas spiced ginger beer

This has been out for a few years and I normally only find the 4 pack, but this time I found the 12 pack. It has a very strong taste of ginger. It normally does, but this feels intensified along with the cloves and other spices. Its also sweet, so I’m glad its only comes […]

Pesto pasta

I can’t believe it. Today I had a chef come to my house and talk to me about healthy food and my food allergies. I’ve booked them for weekly visits. We made a simple pasta dish with asparagus, spinach and pesto. I had some for lunch and saved some for dinner. I might add some […]

Cucumber water recipe

This isn’t really a recipe. I just wanted to share something I’m drinking more of now because summer is looming and I don’t want to drink sugary soft drinks. I already have dental, weight and health issues, I don’t want more health problems. I found this good new shaker bottle to use. Then: Slice the […]

I made strawberry lemonade

I had some left over strawberries that I didn’t know what to do with. I decided to remove the green stem, slice them roughly then ad them to a half full bottle of lemonade I had in the fridge. This made the lemonade very bubbly, I guess because of the sugar in the strawberries, but […]

Strange concoctions

Living during the Covid pandemic is stressful, lets face it. No one likes it and we all have to find ways to get though it. For example, I ran out of butter and didn’t want to drive the 15 minutes to the supermarket to buy just butter. So I decided to improvise. We had some […]

Pizza first try

I used commercial yeast in a box and the recipe on the back of the packet for this. I may have used water that was a bit too hot, but “warm” is not a temperature. I used oil like the recipe said, but I think I used too much because it made strange oil lumps […]

Baking bread for the first time

I admit, I have tried to make bread in the past , but it failed. It always was burnt or like a rock and crumbly inside. I borrowed a book from the library (yeah its open now) and found a recipe I liked. This bread was easy to make and turned out okay. It was […]

Seafood salad first try

I don’t know if I can really call this seafood salad since I’m not sure what the crab stick are made from (not real crab), but I found them in a frozen bag at Woolies so thought I would try it. We already had celery and mayonnaise, so I chopped the ingredients and put them […]

Another pork roast.

I thought I was done with cooking pork, but my partner pulled me back in. I prepared this in the usual way and it turned out okay, but I still do not like the taste of pork. I even added apple sauce, but pork has a strange taste. I’m also not a fan of the […]

Making cheesecake for the first time with box mix

This was another box mix from Greens. I think this is my last one. I’m glad they’re all gone and I don’t plan to buy anymore. I haven’t made cheesecake before and I wanted to wait till I could buy a new spring form pan, but my partner wanted me to make it so I […]


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