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Cooking turkey legs for the first time

I saw these on sale half price so I thought I would grab them since I normally love turkey and had never cooked it before.

Have seen photos of huge bacon covered drumsticks from the Texas fair in America and really wish I could visit. Maybe next year when the world recovers.

I didn’t know if this was properly cooked or not. I tried to look up recipes, but they all had differing advice, like some say oil, some say butter, so it was confusing for me to know how to actually cook the legs.

I put the turkey legs on the rack in the tray, and covered them with butter and rubbed it in. I regretted doing that afterwards because I had to wash my hands 3 times to remove all the greasiness.

Had preheated the oven to 200c, so cooked meat for 20 mins to make the skin crispy like roast chicken.

Then I turned down to 180c and cooked altogether for about 1 hour 10 mins. Wasn’t sure how much time was left so took legs out and checked with a cake tester. They came out hot and juices ran clear.

Covered with foil left for 10 minutes before serving.

They turned out okay I guess. They were too big for my plates and looked like something from the Flintstones. They had a strange taste and strange colour.

We put them back in the oven for 20 minutes, but I was already done with it. I couldn’t bite into the legs or chew them, I had to use a fork to tear little bits off.

This was so disappointing. I’ve always loved turkey so of course I would want to try to cook it. I don’t even know what went wrong. My partner even didn’t like it so we didn’t finish them.

I was very disappointed because I normally love turkey, but I had to throw these out. I won’t buy these again until I can find a proper recipe.

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2 ingredient biscuit cake with chocolate mousse

I decided to try Spekulatius biscuits instead of the chocolate ones. These are traditional Christmas spiced biscuits from Germany.

I whipped the chocolate mouse powder until it was was thick as I could get it. Then I started assembling. I put baking paper in my pink pan, the proceeded to add mouse to each biscuit then add to the pan. I only ended up using a third of the box.

I put the remaining mousse on the top, smoothed it over best as I could, then cover it with the baking paper, put placed it in the fridge over night.

The next afternoon I wanted to try the cake so I took it out of the fridge and put on cutting board, but I could tell something was wrong. It was squishy and was difficult to get out of the pan.

I unwrapped the paper slowly, but some mousse came off with it. The cake didn’t look good. Instead of looking like a chocolate log, it looked like another type of log you wouldn’t want to eat.

And the taste was very strange. It was awful. It was strong ginger but it neutralised the flavour of the chocolate mouse. I don’t know how else to describe it but I will never make this again.

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Roast chicken #2

I tried to make roast chicken again. It was going well until I forgot the foil, so I had to take the pan from oven and burned my arm on the very hot side. I put the foil on the meat then returned it to the oven.

I had to go outside to get some aloe vera for the burn because it really stung. I kept smearing it onto the burn and the next day it was less and didn’t hurt. I still have some red, rough skin marks on my arm but its no longer painful.

After that, I lost interest in cooking. I still cooked the chicken and it turned out looking good and was golden brown with crispy skin, but my heart wasn’t in it anymore.

But the veges couldn’t be put in the oven until the chicken was cooked. This took an hour. So the chicken was cold, but the veges were warm when we went to eat and it was after 7pm.

At that time, I was upset so I didn’t feel like eating. I ate some sweet potato later but my partner ate the chicken.

The next time I buy a tray with a rack, I want a good quality one. The cheap one I bought from Coles for $12 is already scratched a lot on the bottom.

I’m done with chicken now.

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Butterscotch self saucing pudding

I barely had enough energy sometimes to move this week, now I’ve fallen behind with my blogs and work.

This was another Greens box mix, butterscotch self saucing pudding.

I made it as usual, but added 2 cups of water and had the oven down a bit less tha 180 degrees.

I looked at it a few times and opened the door to check.

The pudding turned out good, looked good. Except for the burnt sauce around the rim.

I served this with whipped cream and hundreds and thousands on top.

I think I ate too much of this since it repeated on me a bit later. I didn’t really like this flavour, so I won’t buy this again.

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Cooking roast chicken for the first time.

I’ve been ill this week so I haven’t had the energy to do much really. Hopefully I’ll have more energy soon.

I cooked about this a week ago so I’ve forgotten some of what happened. I remember I forgot to start the timer, so had no idea what time I started cooking, maybe 4.30pm?

I ended up cooking it for too long and the meat was dry, but it was okay. The veges were cooked so we ate them. I was so hungry when I finished I just wanted to eat.

I haven’t written much this post, but I have some good photos.

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Choc self saucing pudding

This was another box mix by Greens. I like making these since the instructions are easy to follow.

I mixed the cream first with my new mixer, that I still love, then washed the beaters. After that I realised I would need them for the cake so had to get the mixer out again.

I made the cake following the instructions, then poured it into the dish. I added some hundreds and thousands over the top, then slowly and very carefully added the boiling water. I added 2 cups instead of 2 and a half like the instructions said because I wanted more sauce this time.

I keep checking the cake in the oven, but I think I left it a bit too long because it was mostly cake and not much sauce again. I might need to find a way to make sauce separate to add after.

One day I’ll get the timing right. I’m looking to buy a new oven.

I forgot to take a pretty photo with cream in a bowl because we ate that pudding straight away. I even burnt my mouth a bit.

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Cooking roast lamb for the first time.

After the success of the last pork, my partner wanted me to cook lamb. I bought a one and half kilo lamb roast from Woolworths for about $18.

I had trouble trying to remove the lamb from the plastic packaging because it was an awkward shape and it was double wrapped.

I researched again watching YouTube videos and mostly people added rosemary, oil and salt to the skin. The skin was hard to pierce so I only added a few sprigs of rosemary. The meat looked like a Christmas tree.

I then put it in the sink and poured the oil over it. I didn’t want the pan to be filled with oil and burn like last time, so I thought ahead. Then I put the meat in the pan with a rack without dripping oil on the floor. I stabbed a few holes into he meat and ground some pink Himalayan salt over it, then shoved the rosemary into the cuts.

I had preheated the oven to 200c, but the Australian lamb website said 180 so when I put the lamb into the oven, I turned the heat down to 180c. I didn’t realise at the time, but the lamb had a large bone in the middle, but I followed the instructions for boneless meat so I think that’s why the meat was still bleeding when I first checked.

I took the roast out and we tried to slice it, but it was still bleeding inside. I had some cooked outside slices and my partner had some inner slices. We put it back in the oven for about 30 more minutes, then it was done.

I really can not stand bloody meat; I’m not a vampire. If I was served that in a restaurant I would send it back.

This lamb was okay. Maybe I’ll make it again in the future, but now I want to try roasting a chicken with a lemon up its bum.

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Pork roast #3

I made this over a week ago, and I followed a recipe and advice, so I guess it worked.

I didn’t worry about veges, I just cooked the meat and set a timer. It turned out a lot better than than the previous failure, but the crackling was harder and wasn’t as enjoyable.

I poured boiling water on the meat while it was in the sink, then poured oil and ground pink Himalayan salt before putting the meat in a pan.

I put in the pan in a preheated oven. I cooked it like usual, hot oven for the crackling, then turned down for the meat for about 90 minutes.

When I took it out, the top was blistered, like it had a sunburn. The crackling was harder than the first try, but it was okay. The meat was tender but fully cooked, which is surprising. My partner kept saying how nice the meat was, even the next day and he ate all the leftovers.

The only thing that I don’t understand is why there was red hard part still in the middle. There was no blood so maybe it was muscle or gristle or something. We cut around that part.

This was a success, but I’m so over cooking pork. I want to try other things now. Maybe pretty cakes with beautiful icing.

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Pork roast 2nd attempt

I was so disappointed with this that I thought about not even posting, but my blog is about my mistakes and trying to be better and learn from them, so I’ll be honest and write about it.

I didn’t want to cook another piece of pork after the last disaster, but my partner wanted me to try cooking pork again since the first roast was amazing and we both loved the crackling. I bought a small roast, about 2 kgs, from the supermarket. When I opened the bag, it was full of blood and I had to wipe a lot off and be careful not to let it drip everywhere.

I also bought a new roasting dish with a rack insert so I was excited to try it out. The first thing I always need to do before I start cooking is cleaning. I really hate cleaning up dirty dishes and a messy kitchen, but it needs to be done. I’m so envious of rich people who can afford to hire a cleaner everyday.

I bought another pork roast but this one from the supermarket. I looked up recipes and tried to follow them and it started out well. Things only went down hill when I deviated from then recipe.

Took ages to peel all veges. I had zucchini, sweet potatoes and brown potatoes left over so I peeled and chopped them.

My posts are getting long, so I’ll sum up what happened.

I took the roast out to add the veges to the dish and turned the oven off accidentally. The meat went cold and I had to wait about half an hour for the oven to heat back up.

Roast looked good when I took It out the second time, but when we sliced it, blood flowed so we had to cut it up and put back in the oven for another hour or more.

I think because I was rushing and that I was so hungry I was taking short cuts, I don’t know. I said I never wanted to cook pork again after this.

But the pork was tough and the crackling was okay. The veges had been in the oven about 2 hours so some had burned to charcoal.

My partner ended up eating it but I didn’t. I’m sick of pork now.

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2 ingredient no bake biscuit cake

I remember this recipe from years ago and it was in some magazines and even on cooking shows. It was a cake you can make with just biscuits and whipped cream. This was for my partners birthday and requested Black forest cake so I thought I would try to make one. I had to add plum jam because black forest cake has jam and cherries. I couldn’t get cherries even if I wanted to leave the house because we only have them available at the supermarket during Christmas. I guess by adding the jam I made it a 3 ingredient cake.

I know there are different words for Biscuit, Bickie or Bikkie, so the American equivalent would be a cookie. It’s hard and flat or sometimes domed on top.

I decided to put baking paper into a silicone loaf pan so that afterwards I can remove it easily. I’m learning from my past mistakes and didn’t want it to be stuck like the Tiramisu.

I whipped the cream and it was easier this time; I guess I’m getting used to my mixer, which I really do love, but I still regret giving away my old Breville stand mixer. They stopped making that model and started making one that looks like a Kitchen aid mixer and I don’t like the look of those.

I didn’t add sugar to the whipped cream because I figured the jam and biscuit are already full of sugar and I don’t want to give my partner diabetes.

I put a bit of cream on the bottom of the pan. I put jam then whipped cream on a biscuit then place it in the pan. I continued this till the end. Then I put more jam and whipped cream on biscuits then put then along the sides. I used up almost one full packet of chocolate biscuits.

To finish, I spread all the remaining whipped cream on the top of the pan and tried to fill in the cracks. Then I covered the pan with the paper towel and placed it in the fridge over night.

The next day my partner wanted his cake at lunch time so I removed it from the fridge and lifted it from the pan onto a chopping board. I carefully pulled the baking paper away and the cake was revealed. It looked like a house after a heavy snowfall. I cut the cake on the diagonal and it tasted very sweet and mostly the biscuits were soft, but some didn’t have enough whipped cream on them so were still hard in places.

I’m a bit disappointed with how it turned out, but it wasn’t too bad. Next time I’ll put a lot more on the bottom and inbetween the bickies so they all get really soft and its easier to eat.

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